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CMCA RV Park Custodians

As our network of park expands, our demand for volunteer custodian increases. The role of a custodian is a crucial one as they play an important role in the operation of our CMCA RV Parks. Many aspects of our Club rely on member contribution, and our CMCA RV Parks project is no different. 

What is a custodian?

Volunteer custodians manage the daily operations of our parks under the guidance of NHQ. Primarily, a custodian assists with on-site bookings, siting vehicles, ensure RVs have self-contained certification and also offer their knowledge of the area and some of the must-see attractions.

Behind the scenes, custodians provide feedback to NHQ staff about any issues, including security and maintenance. Custodians are responsible for coordinating contractors who may need to do work on our sites. Custodians will also be required to do some basic maintenance, such as mowing and keeping the park tidy.

In short, we need custodians to ensure the operation of our parks runs smoothly. Their role is crucial, and we would not be able to run this network of parks without them.  

Is this you?

If you think you are suited for this role and are willing to undertake the necessary training, then please contact NHQ staff member Emily King at Additionally, if you have any questions about becoming a custodian, please do not hesitate to contact Emily on the email listed above.

How do you become a custodian?

Any member can become a custodian at one of our parks! Interested parties will be required to undertake the necessary training. All training documents are available below. If needed extra training can also be conducted via video link. This will ensure you have the skills and knowledge associated with successfully carrying out the role and responsibilities of a custodian. 

You can find all training documentation below

Custodian Documents

Once you have read and understood the documents, complete the assessment below

Custodian Assessment

Finally, complete the Custodian Declaration below

Custodian Declaration

Custodian Newsletters 

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Custodian Newsletters


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Custodian Calendar

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